If so, here’s a remedy to help shake them off!

Regardless of how you may be feeling, stepping into Partner with those you are around at home, work, and even the grocery store will help reduce those negative feelings. Our ego can play it’s sneaky role leading us to focus inwardly on our problems and stressors without considering those around us. The truth is we never know how bad someone else’s day might be. Danger danger!! This can bring down our energy in a flash.

So what to do?

First show compassion and be gentle with yourself, especially if you are feeling triggered, angry or impatient. Then ask yourself, “How can I positively engage with this person?”. Your Partner behavior can be the catalyst for encouraging responses from others and induce pride in yourself for not slipping into Predator or Prey. Most importantly, you get back on track for a happy, successful and stress free start to the year.

I encourage you to use this as a daily practice. Invite yourself to flex your Partner muscles in even the smallest of exchanges. I can guarantee the results will not only astound you, they will fill you with joy and delight. This approach may just turn your ‘January Blues’ into January Jubilation! Make Partner mode your daily program for the remainder of this month. It is infectious!

If you need a little extra inspiration, have a listen to Nat King Cole:

Happy Partnering!


If you’d like to take your relationships and communication skills up to the next gear,  join me in beautiful Bali in May 2023!

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After successfully completing the training you will be able to:

  • Understand multiple real-world reasons for, (and benefits of) a Partner-based approach in all business & personal relationships
  • Address key barriers to your credibility as a leader
  • Establish yourself as a powerful and approachable leader in under 30 seconds
  • Recognise the hidden frame (the invisible power) game in every interaction
  • More consciously step into the partner mindset and respond positively to challenges, conflict, or aggression
  • Successfully conduct crucial conversations while staying cool under pressure e.g. delivering bad news, addressing media, in an unfriendly or conflictual environment etc.
  • Take personal responsibility for building/repairing relationships (in personal & professional life)
  • Influence effectively, regardless of your positional power or status
  • Package clear, concise, to the point messages
  • Increase confidence when speaking in a second language and dealing with others
  • Practice skills in small groups, videotaped exercises & customized role-plays/improv
  • Leave with concrete actions and next steps to fully integrate new skills and keep them sustainable in daily work and life

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A gift to yourself that will keep on giving! 

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