Here I offer a specific, concrete tool of thinking that helps people to create inner peace, that can lead to outer peace, that can lead to world peace.

You may already be doing your part for world peace without even knowing it! Watch the following 2 mins+ video to find out more. Click here to watch. Then a have a quick look at steps 1, 2, & 3 below.

1. Step in Partner

  • Have eye contact, warm smile, upbeat energy (you in a great mood regardless of how you’re actually feeling)
  • Do this in any encounter, before you even know if there will be conflict.

2. Remain in Partner

  • When things start to become tense, you feel under pressure or there’s outright conflict, keep your facial expressions calm and relaxed
  • Let the other person speak, avoid interrupting
  • Then, in a calm, slow and relaxed manner, express your concern or request.

Stay in Partner even when you don’t get what you want

  • Immediately give yourself empathy for how you are feeling (anger, frustration, exasperation, scared, etc)
  • Act as if all is well
  • Keep your facial expressions and statements calm and relaxed.

Our thoughts and words have a frequency, which is why the Partner mindset is so important. By applying these 3 steps on a regular basis you’re developing emotional mastery and actively contributing to peace in our world. Each individual act has an impact.

Happy partnering!