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My training will take your business to the next level! With the help of a laser coaching technique I’ve honed over 20 years, we identify:

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Training Dynamics.

When training individuals and groups on specific communication challenges, I use my no-nonsense, playful approach to deliver instantly applicable skills for immediate results. This includes:

Topics include:

Achieving Extraordinary Results!

Amy In Action


You run this training with the enthusiasm, competence and structure so well… everyone really appreciated it… you have definitely made a difference here.
Jackie Cork, Orange Communications SA
Whenever I listen to you I feel so full of energy and my head is filled with all the good tips and advice.
Hulya Kurt, Business Strategy Manager at Thomson Reuters
I have learnt things about myself that I didn’t know I was doing!
Emily Bunting
I appreciate your sharp eye and effective coaching Amy!
Carlyn Martina-Mamber
Two days well invested that have strengthened the foundation for partnering and communication – now it’s about application and practice.
Ben Kubik
I recommend Amy’s workshop, they’ll teach you great, practical tips and more!
Angela Guertler, Baxter
Thank you again for a fantastic course, I feel inspired.
Mariusz Wądołowski, Account Executive Communications
These 2 days of workshop have been enriching and very rewarding.
Marion Mordenti, Globalization & Terminology Business Dev.
Everyone’s delighted with these two days…the team’s renewed energy and focus! Thank you. Thank you for being you.
Liz Walker HP, Grenoble
Here’s an update on using my new paradigm. In a word – it’s rocked!
Rachel Nelson, Senior Account Manager
Hi Amy! Your sessions are my most treasured experiences…
Per Munktell, Baxter
Amy does her coaching magic with boundless energy and precise openness!
Karen Cheng
You are pushing our limits and it’s a great learning about myself!
Frederic Chapuis
I attribute the entire success to my last presentation to the training you provided and the great coaching received afterwards!
Elena Plyasunova, General Manager, LLC Medtronic
I’m already having excellent results. Thank you so very, very much.
David, Manager of European Telecommunications Co.
I cannot recommend your training enough! Thank you so much!
Colin Jones, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Fantastic course! I learned during every minute with Amy! Thank you!
Christina Lenkei
Your energy, insights and enthusiasm really kept everyone engaged.
Andrew Morrison, President of IABC
Amy pulls you out of your comfort zone and helps you find and build a much better one!
Dr. Andreas Amrein
I was fortunate to hear Amy speak at the European Coaching Conference in Brussels. She is dynamic, very professional, informative and fun.
Caroline Williams, Professional Coach
I would like to say a very big and grateful ‘thank you’ to you. I like being me and you have been a big part of enabling that.
Alysoun, Participant
Superb in engaging the participants, honouring where they were, shifting them to a more positive place. I hope that you appreciate your power!
Anna Stubbs, Programme Participant
Thanks for the interesting, energising, personal and above all, fun three days of training. You have influenced my life and the ones I work and live with.
Ron, Participant Paris
I’m using what you taught us ‘in the field’, especially with people I used to have issues with. I’m already having excellent results.
David, Coachee

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