I’ve been fortunate in my life to experience very little tragedy, grief or loss, and the same for many people in my entourage.

As a result, I have limited experience and still struggle with how to respond in an effective, supportive way when friends or family experience a tragedy, grief or loss. Because many of us are not equipped with how to best support someone in crisis or grief, we shy away at a critical time when our loved ones may need us most. 

For this reason, I’d like to share the following visual model and article on The Ring Theory. This model, developed by psychologist Susan Silk, illustrates her concept with simplicity. She demonstrates how to be supportive, by illustrating what to say/what not to say and with whom, in situations where someone has experienced loss, grief or crisis.

Concept by Susan Silk, Graphic by Annie Reneau

I’m always looking for ways to expand my definition of ‘Partner.’ I now see that being available to support someone in crisis, in the most effective way for them, is yet another opportunity for me to actively practise Partner in my life.

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Happy Partnering