Many would agree that one of the issues facing our cultures is a lack of empathy, understanding and tolerance.

This can feel like an overwhelming challenge to address.

The way the brain works is that it likes to categorize and simplify in order to organize information. Something similar happens when we join an ‘in-group’, for example a social society, a sports club, a leadership team. Our brain almost immediately responds with reduced empathy towards the ‘out-group’ (depressing right?). I believe this is where the ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude develops. 

One solution to building more tolerance and empathy towards others is to notice this tendency in the brain and consciously override it by looking for similarity versus difference.

When you do choose to see the difference, ask yourself ‘what’s great about them or that?’.

On another note… sometimes when I’m restless, bored or demotivated I find myself looking for inspiring videos to re-energize. Often re-energizing is the sole outcome. Other times the result is that I find myself inspired and motivated to be a better human being. 

Here’s a short video that I hope will inspire and encourage you in the same way.

And if you’re looking to expand your horizons even further, I highly recommend this book You Can’t Touch My Hair’. If you buy the audio version you’ll hear it directly from the author. Warning! Be prepared to laugh out loud frequently!

Happy Partnering!