If you’ve ever been verbally aggressed, you’re not alone. From informal surveys I’ve taken over the years in my training classes, it seems that most of us have been the victim of someone else’s verbal aggression at some point in time. 

In a recent newsletter (No. 39: Finding Your Inner Superhero) we talked about the power of intervening as a Partner when you witness unacceptable behaviour towards others. In this month’s newsletter, I’ll explain and demonstrate how to handle a situation when someone is being verbally aggressive to you.

I made the following video in order to show how to manage this highly challenging situation. It includes the number 1 skill to master, which can neutralise a verbal Predator.

This powerful skill combines a Partner mindset technique and specific body language. As a result, magic happens. (Warning: there is some harsh language in this video!) Click the image to view.

Mastering this behaviour will allow you to train your brain to override the fight, flight or freeze reaction that happens to many of us under stress. As a result, the aggressive predators in your life will become few and far between!

Happy Partnering!