A few years ago friends and I were sitting around the table talking about what we thought each other’s life themes were.

One friend had a clearly “live hard, die happy” approach to life. When it came to me, my realisation was that I approached life as an adventure. That every experience would leave me with a good story or something I’d discover to help me grow and learn.

Since then I’ve gotten more conscious about using this approach when making small and big life decisions. I sometimes hear myself saying, “Well at least it’ll be an adventure!” (particularly useful when things don’t go as planned).
I’ve even caught myself saying it during this crazy, surreal and bizarre moment we all find ourselves living through at present. I realise this helps me to become aware of the fact that situations are temporary and how I respond will impact me in some way which may only become evident once I’ve reached the other side. 

As a result, this is helping me to choose my attitude more consciously. In the first few weeks of lockdown, I asked myself a couple times, “What would I really like as a result of this situation? What actions will I feel proud of once this is over?” This is what I came up with…

  • I found a clever excuse to get out of the house by offering my shopping services to a neighbour in need
  • I’m doing some kind of exercise almost every day
  • Taking plenty of time to relax
  • Reaching out to people I haven’t been in contact with for a long time, especially those who are positive and energising 
  • I spent 6 hours MarieKondoing my wardrobe and YES IT FELT AMAZING! 
  • In addition, I’m bravely tackling a goal I put in the metaphorical closet a few years ago (found it while decluttering) to create a 1 Woman Show. I’m even working with a rockin’ coach to make sure I achieve it!

I invite you to see life an adventure. Say YES to what’s in front of you whether it feels like a challenge or an opportunity. Be brave and step into the unknown! Consider your quest on this journey to connect with and support others and be the best Partner you can be!

Here is an article I found inspiring, particularly steps 2 and 3. Read it by clicking the image…

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Enjoy and happy Partnering!