‘Tis the season to be jolly.’

Hello fellow partners,

Having gratitude for the smallest, most simple things may be difficult to practise. Embracing the changes that are presented to us regularly, avoiding resistance and ‘going with the flow’ is easier said than done sometimes… here is a personal story I want to share with you about changes I have recently welcomed; giving me a sense of peace within myself.

Change Before You Have To

My sister Pat once said to me, “you know Amy, you change before you have to”. I took that as a lovely compliment to mean that I often take proactive steps to change my circumstances before things get so bad or out of control. I can’t say I achieve this all the time, though here is a recent example which was a bold, brave step for me.

In this world where wrinkles are smoothed out, lips and bottoms plumped up and ageing is frowned upon, I decided to lean into the changes my body was experiencing by embracing my significantly grey hair.

Many of us experience the invisible yet real pressure on both men and women to remain physically youthful and eradicate any signs of growing old through a multitude of options… dying our hair is one of the most common.

Although I have been unhappy for a long time about the chemicals I’ve been putting into my body during these monthly visits to my lovely hairdresser, Jennifer, it wasn’t enough to convince me to take the plunge. In reality it was another form of vanity which superseded this monthly ritual. I started to notice a loss of hair. A friend said, “hmmm, I think if you stop colouring your hair, it may help”. YIKES!!!!

That’s the excuse I used to change before I had to and I plotted my colour transition with Jennifer (see photos above).

So here’s my invitation to you… what bold, brave step can you take in your life to get more of what you want? It might mean shaking things up, getting out of your comfort zone, or taking some risks. If so, put a plan into place, get support and go for it!

Happy Partnering,