I’m constantly amazed how I can still get so easily triggered and feel so incredibly frustrated in a customer service situation!

Recently having some issues with my Apple accounts, I stopped by the Apple store to ask some software questions. While listing my questions in my usual creative French, the sales-person started displaying what seemed like a rather passive-aggressive attitude towards me. I swear I could almost hear him saying “seriously lady, how dumb can you be??!”.

Just before I blew up at him and lectured him about proper customer service, I took a deep breath, turned to him and with a playful, non-sarcastic tone I said, “Patrick I don’t know if you’re having a bad day, I know I am and I really appreciate you helping me out here” (with a warm smile, of course).

Practically in front of my eyes Patrick transformed. He was smiling and laughing at my pathetic attempts to be humorous in French. He immediately shifted his attitude towards me and even offered to put the protective case on my new laptop!

I was amazed that by putting my ego to the side, applying the Partner Mindset Technique of pretending not to notice when the other person is being difficult, and responding with a playful comment, I was able to shift his attitude, and mine too!

The learning for me is to keep stretching, keep practising, keep being the best customer I can be, and make sure the next time I visit the Apple store, I don’t go on an empty stomach!

Christmas mantra: Be the best customer you can be!

Happy Partnering!