Book Review

Brave Not Perfect

by Reshma Saujani

It’s a great way to call BS on your automatic excuses! Ask yourself is that my drama speaking or my wisdom talking?  You will know it’s your wisdom if you feel peace, it’s calm with a sense of authority.

Drama is a bit winier, more nervous, more defensive – imagine a guilty chawawa!
Reading this book was a booster for my bravery skills.

As someone who accepts invitations and says ‘yes’ a lot, my bravery device still needed turning up a notch! Saujani discloses measures for rewiring ourselves and avoiding those toxic trains of thought which may hold us back!

The Ego Tango
What it’s about?

This is a collection of real-life stories I tell in my workshops as a communication coach.

Each story demonstrates either an external behavior or an internal mindset to help people become more effective and productive in their personal and professional relationships.

My hope is that you’ll be able to appreciate their humour and humanity while extracting the gems, applying them to your everyday interactions experiencing fewer hassles, and have more satisfying relationships.