Where does your unconscious bias show up?

Think back to the last time you questioned a woman and ask yourself, would you have challenged them / pushed back / disagreed / been sarcastic… if they were a man?

It’s possible you, like most of us, have an unconscious negative bias.

If you want to shake up and even shake out this potential bias, consider the following…

Whether you are a man or a woman, are you in a position where you can help to elevate or create opportunities for women?

Where in your life can you provide a woman with support? (Whether it’s a few minutes with a stranger giving assistance or at the weekend with a friend.)

So where does our unconscious bias come from?

The answer is: our family, culture, society and experiences.

Since we were children we have heard, observed and unconsciously assimilated bias all around us… which has lead to much of the inequality we witness today.

A first crucial step is to assume you probably have hidden bias (yes, women can be biased towards other women!) As soon as we can accept that the bias exists, the sooner we can get to resolving it! I suppose it is possible that you might be one of the bias-free unicorns roaming the earth… then again, it might be useful to assume the opposite in this case.

Second step is to apply Kristen Pressner’s ‘Flip it to test it’ approach.
Watch here:

For example, next time you encounter a stranger with whom you question their judgement or abilities, and who happens to be a woman, flip it around and imagine if that person was a man and see if this causes you to respond differently. You may be unpleasantly surprised by what you discover.

Lastly, check out this video on how to ‘Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias’:

Here’s a snippet from Amy from International Women’s Day 2022

During this month, why not challenge yourself!

Good luck and Happy Partnering!