This is the next instalment in our series of great tips and tricks to help integrate the Partner Mindset and Behaviours® into all aspects of daily life.

Hello Partners!

The intention is that this approach becomes your automatic response in any challenging situation!

Let’s discuss Power Plays.

Often when a person becomes a member of an exclusive group, they join the ‘in-crowd’. This is where the ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude can develop. Once a person becomes an ‘in-crowd’ member, there is a tendency towards an increased sense of entitlement, and decreased empathy towards others (outside of this group). As a result, there is a risk that these people may use their positional power over others to dominate or intimidate. Within the Predator, Prey, Partner Model® we call these ‘Power Plays’.

If you’re feeling under pressure, intimidated or aggressed, it’s possible that you’re caught in a Power Play.

Here’s the shorthand version of how to handle yourself when on the receiving end of a power play. Your focus needs to be internal AND external:


  • Ask yourself, is this person a member of the 5% Club? (If yes, review Newsletter 21 Point 3 or my Blog post, one before the last).
  • If no, ask yourself, is there something I just did (in my body language, voice, words) that may have triggered this behaviour? If so, what do I need to adjust in order to recalibrate the power dynamic? If you don’t think you triggered it, the following guidelines will still apply.


  • Increase or decrease your perceived competence or like-ability, still staying in The Zone. What I mean by that is:
  • Maintain eye contact, a soft smile and keep sentences short. Slow down the speed of your speech and body movements.
  • Your job is to act like all is well.

Happy Partnering!