Many of us have never had to self-motivate like we do at the moment.

With work and school blurring the agenda, this can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and procrastination. As my Grandmother always said:

If we don’t pay attention, procrastination becomes a sneaky snake, creeping its way into all corners of our day.

Reminding ourselves that every day is a fresh start can be a driving factor for some. For others, a schedule on the fridge door may be just the motivation needed.

I’d like to introduce an idea that I learned years ago from my coaching education that keeps me motivated: ‘under promise and over-deliver’. Endless ‘to-do’ lists can cause more frustration than motivation.

With this idea in mind, I’d like to suggest setting ONE goal per week.

Brainstorming the top ten goals you want to achieve is an effective starting point. Then decide on one of those things for the coming week. By keeping the load light, you’ll be able to achieve each of your goals and alleviate the stresses of overachieving! 

This comes back to being Partner with yourself. Self-empathy, compassion, being realistic are ways to actively be kind to yourself, and being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others!

Here Mel Robbins talks about focus and control over your thoughts and actions, emotional intelligence AND SELF MONITORING.

It takes courage to do the stuff you KNOW you should be doing! Watch this video as she presents her ‘Five Second Rule’:

Happy Partnering!


If you’d like to take your relationships and communication skills up to the next gear,  join me in beautiful Bali in May 2023!

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After successfully completing the training you will be able to:

  • Understand multiple real-world reasons for, (and benefits of) a Partner-based approach in all business & personal relationships
  • Address key barriers to your credibility as a leader
  • Establish yourself as a powerful and approachable leader in under 30 seconds
  • Recognise the hidden frame (the invisible power) game in every interaction
  • More consciously step into the partner mindset and respond positively to challenges, conflict, or aggression
  • Successfully conduct crucial conversations while staying cool under pressure e.g. delivering bad news, addressing media, in an unfriendly or conflictual environment etc.
  • Take personal responsibility for building/repairing relationships (in personal & professional life)
  • Influence effectively, regardless of your positional power or status
  • Package clear, concise, to the point messages
  • Increase confidence when speaking in a second language and dealing with others
  • Practice skills in small groups, videotaped exercises & customized role-plays/improv
  • Leave with concrete actions and next steps to fully integrate new skills and keep them sustainable in daily work and life

The Complete Retreat – a 7-day Masterclass (including accommodation, meals, yoga etc) in the stunning resort The Hidden Valley in Bali – 20th to 27th May 2023!

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A gift to yourself that will keep on giving! 

There are only 20 places available, so if you’d like more info please reach out to my team and enquire here.

See you there!