Do you enjoy offering gifts for no specific reason or occasion?

If you are anything like me, you probably do. I may see something that I feel could cheer up a friend or a relative and send them a gift as a surprise.

Has someone close to you been doing a little soul-searching lately? One of my friends recently asked for some advise as she explained that she keeps upsetting her work colleagues and friends with her slightly defensive attitude. She was thrilled when I offered her a copy of my book – The Ego Tango and she couldn’t wait to start the exercises included in the book!

(I’ll let you know how she gets on!)

Do you have a Predator in your inner circle who might benefit from bit of a nudge? Are you ready to drop a hint, give them a clue, turn on the lightbulb for them?

Next time you feel like offering something unique, innovative, valuable, useful, funny and child-proof…think about giving a chance to improve communication on all levels, at home and at work. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…