Recovering from Mistakes

"I never make the same mistake twice, I make it five or six times just to be sure!"   Anonymous

You may not consider yourself a true-blooded perfectionist. You may consider yourself a bit more like me, a closet perfectionist. We preach that making mistakes is a way to learn and grow, and yet we're still pretty hard on ourselves when the mistakes actually happen. Some people live their lives working very hard to avoid mistakes of any kind. From my perspective this sounds pretty exhausting. What I teach in my programs and the philosophy I apply to my life is, rather than avoid making mistakes, focus on recovering well. Developing this skill can bring discomfort. Eventually this will bring a greater sense of freedom!

"You are not measured by your mistakes; you are measured by your recovery from your mistakes!"  Pat Kirkland

Here are some tips on what to do if you do make a mistake:


  • Mildly acknowledge the error

  • Keep a cheerful or upbeat attitude

  • Consider using good-natured humour; "Seems I've had one too many coffees this morning!"


  • Keep eye contact

  • Use a confident, strong voice

  • Keep your energy upbeat

  • Make clear, firm gestures


  • Act like it's no big deal

  • Keep smiling

  • Recognise that mistakes are a learning curve!

  • Don't let apologising be your default reaction when making a mistake, though an apology may be appropriate in one of the following circumstances; if you have upset, inconvenienced or injured someone!

Happy Partnering! Amy

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This Month's Success Story:

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You may recall in Newsletter 9 we talked about how to transform your inner critic to your inner partner. For a bit of inspiration here's an example of a letter a coachee recently wrote to their inner critic:

Dear Inner Critic, You are the voice inside my head. You try to keep me safe and liked at all times. I appreciate it, thanks for that. Yet, I will be more productive / effective if you relax and stop worrying about the repercussions of everything. I will be fine. There is no need to think ahead and worry about the impact of a controversial remark I will make. There is no need to worry about what will happen if a certain person does not like me. After all, good work will bring praise and criticism. You need to be comfortable with that. One more request. Please stop worrying about mistakes. They happen. The important thing is to learn from them and not to repeat next time. It takes so much energy to worry about what happened in the past - this energy is best invested into more productive activities - for example, planning for the future. I have so much potential - if you work with me on the areas above and let me be free, I can do so much more... in my work and in my personal life.

Thank you.

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