The gift of a lightbulb

Do you enjoy offering gifts for no specific reason or occasion? If you are anything like me, you probably do. I may see something that I feel could cheer up a friend or a relative and send them a gift as a surprise.

Has someone close to you been doing a little soul-searching lately? One of my friends recently asked for some advise as she explained that she keeps upsetting her work colleagues and friends with her slightly defensive attitude. She was thrilled when I offered her a copy of my book- The Ego Tango and she couldn't wait to start the exercises included in the book!..(I'll let you know how she gets on!)

Do you have a Predator in your inner circle who might benefit from bit of a nudge? Are you ready to drop a hint, give them a clue, turn on the lightbulb for them?

Next time you feel like offering something unique, innovative, valuable, useful, funny and child-proof...think about giving a chance to improve communication on all levels, at home and at work. It's the gift that keeps on giving...

This is what a senior leader from Shell says about the book: Hi Amy, Last week, I took your book and your teachings to a 'Women in IT' day event internal to Shell. I ran a short 1-hour class introducing the concepts and used your Epiphany video to encourage participants to imagine a partner response before I played the end of the video. Then we marvelled in awe at your expert response. What has excited me though is the response the talk received. People were surprised that their colleagues found their answers sounding like Prey or Predator when they thought they were good Partners, and in particular this email I received the day after:

Hi Mary Thanks again for the class yesterday. Something happened today and I thought you’d like to know.

I watched some videos on Amy’s website and started to apply some of her insights, and am already reaping the rewards. I had to chase someone for something they promised they would have delivered last week, and when they replied “I sent this to the other person already”, I took deep breaths, rephrased the thank you email I would have worded in a very Predator way before yesterday, applying techniques of “broken record” and “Staying detached from the outcome” and the person then nicely volunteered more information on their very prompt reply. I was never sceptical, though I am amazed how it works! I might even think now I was wrong when we said becoming a Partner might take longer to get results. In this case, it was much quicker than if I was my old Predator self! I have now spread the word with my team, and can’t wait to start reading the book!

A very happy student!

So you see, inside my book you will find many of my personal, first-hand experiences of how I use 'Partner mode' to get more of what I want, more of the time, with less hassle! What are you waiting for? Sometimes we just have to offer ourselves a gift too!

Happy partnering, Amy.

Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using these techniques. If you share your success with us and it appears in our newsletter, as a thank you we will offer you a 10% discount voucher for our next Leadership Presence Open Program! You can use this voucher yourself to attend this powerful training program, or alternatively pass it on to someone who may be interested in attending and give them the opportunity to find their inner Partner!

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