How to be the best customer you can be

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Let's face it, we all mess up from time to time. We all know the expression 'the customer is king', so if the person providing the service makes a mistake and we respond by going Predator or ‘P****d-Off Prey’, although it may feel justified at that particular moment, we still pay a price. That price could be that the service provider (waiter, airline attendant, postal worker etc) might be a little less enthusiastic when serving you - have you ever waited 45 minutes for an appetizer when you’re starving?

Even worse, they may actually sabotage you : “Sorry sir, you’ve missed the boarding time, you’ll have to take another flight” (and you can almost detect a sarcastic smile on their face).

Another less obvious and more important price we pay, is when we give in and go Predator or ‘P****d-off Prey’. This unleashes automatic, less effective reactions, which only reinforce the risk of reacting that way again in the future. You may have heard the expression 'which dog do you feed, the brown dog or the grey dog? You feed the one you want to grow'. So if your desire is to become more Partner-like in all areas of your life and all your relationships, then being the best customer you can be is a positive practise that will begin to rewire your brain and get you more of what you want! For this practise makes perfect.

Watch this snippet about a recent visit where I went Predator in my local cheese shop and the surprising outcome that resulted.

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Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using these techniques. Feel free to share your success story with us and we will include it in our newsletter to inspire others. This Month's Success Story: Amy, I’ve seen you present only once and yet your approach and what you said, as well as your incredible humour, the way that you said it, really resonated with me. I wanted to know how to visibly appear and really FEEL calm and benevolent when someone really p***d me off. In effect, to become the steady oak tree that is flexible enough to bend and sway with whatever weather comes its way. Amy, you have helped me achieve that state. It has taken these last 18 months and I often think of you when someone behaves in a certain way. I enjoy making up stories about why they are behaving as they are. It also means that I behave in a way that I hope is the example that I would like from others. Yep, I do "lose it" sometimes, however those sometimes moments are quieter than they used to be, and my oak tree persona remains steady, a branch may have been knocked off in the wind - though it didn't smash into the windscreen of the dimwit that just did my head in. No, it landed quietly on the soft grass, not injuring a soul.

I would like to say a very big and grateful THANK YOU to you. I like being me and you have been a big part of enabling that. A big thank you, Alysoun

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