The Benefits of Effective Gestures

Every time we speak our bodies also tell a story. Discovering how to manage your gestures and body language is one of the keys to unlocking your communication potential.

Earlier this year we discussed the body language of power and influence, if you missed out on that video you can view it on my website here: Body Language of Power & Influence. How we physically present ourselves is such an important topic that I have put together a special video for you. This video will help you to identify some of the most common gestures we make during conversations and presentations, and the benefits that gesturing effectively can bring to your communication.

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This Month's Success Story: Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using the Predator, Prey, Partner techniques.


Thank you for an amazing course which is still with me (testament in itself to your training). I am consistently correcting my head tilt, sitting fully in my chair, am aware I’m making lots of hand movements and I landed that feedback session today with one employee that we role played which went very, very well. Amusingly on my trip back through Heathrow me and a few other guys in suits got stuck behind a very slow security check on a bag. One guy got very predatory and angry at the woman by the scanner because he said they could remove the bag being looked at to let ours flow through as this had happened before... this then led to him having his own bag ‘automatically’ flung down a different route and checked for a further 20 mins (pay back). I remained calm, polite and asked a question and got waved through (feeling smug, admittedly). If I can crack day-to-day partnering with my temper tantrum 2 year old you have made my work and home life immeasurably better.

Eye opening and fascinating course. I look forward to reading your e-book. Louise Erdozain Customer Account Director, P&G

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