The Body Language of Power & Influence

I have recently been inspired by this video ‘Power & Influence’ from Stanford Business Professor Deborah Gruenfeld. She offers some great insights into the complex reasons why body language is vitally important; for being understood and giving the ‘right’ impression, as well as controlling your own stress levels in challenging situations. In it she also explains some concepts that you will be familiar with, such as the Predator behaviors of ‘playing high’ and the Prey behaviors of ‘playing low’. Towards the end of the video is some interesting research into the impact that cultural expectations have on the perception of women in leadership roles. It is another reminder of how important it is to be aware of the story your body language is telling other people, so that you can match it to your words and intention.

I would love you all to share via email, Facebook and Twitter your thoughts or any ‘ah ha’ moments you have while watching it. Next month I will expand on this topic and offer some practical tips on how you can use effective gestures to help you communicate. As Deborah says, the key to power and influence is not being either high or low, it is about being able to recognize what is needed, and to adapt to the situation. Give yourself permission to try it today! Happy Partnering, Amy

This Month's Success Story:

Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using the Predator, Prey, Partner techniques. Hi Amy, I have been working on my behaviors actively since attending your workshop. Today I’ve just had a 2.5 hours conference call, where I practiced my active listening skills. Can you imagine how many times I’ve danced the dance “hmm, yes, I see, OK” in my mind?! Furthermore, I was brave enough to ask for the feedback from a consultant who was participating in this conference call, specifically on my active listening. She said it was great, all the time she felt I was listening to her. And stopping people by saying their name was indeed very powerful! Thank you and best regards, Financial Manager Baltic States

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