How to Respond Effectively When Provoked

Sometimes we can find ourselves in positions at work where we feel provoked or triggered and often we react to the "perceived" provocation in ways that simply don’t serve us well.

In this entertaining video "The Old Lady in my Epiphany", I recall the first time I discovered the "Invisible Power Game" in action. See what I was able to do, right in the moment when my ego was triggered and I moved from reaction mode to response mode, effectively neutralizing the power game and getting a positive outcome.

For non-native English speakers, I use the word "Epiphany" to mean: that "ah-ha" moment of realization.

My question to you:

What do you need to notice in order to move from reaction mode to respond mode when provoked?

Happy Partnering,


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This Month's Success Story:

Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using the Predator, Prey, Partner techniques.

Hi Amy,

Thanks again for the class yesterday.

Something happened today and I thought you’d like to know.

I watched some videos on your website, and started to apply some of your insights, and am already reaping the rewards.

I had to chase someone for something they promised they would have delivered last week, and when they replied “I sent this to the other person already” , I took deep breaths, rephrased the thank you email I would have worded in a very Predator way before yesterday, applying “broken record” and “Staying detached from the outcome” and the person then nicely volunteered more information on their very prompt reply.

I was never sceptical, yet I am amazed how it works! I might even think now I was wrong when we said becoming a Partner might take longer to get results. On this case, it was much quicker than if I was my old Predator self.

I have now spread the word with my team, and can’t wait to start reading the book.

Have a nice weekend!


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