Partner Your Partner

5-7 July 2019

Face to Face with Amy

Plus 2 x 90 min virtual coaching sessions
after the program

Intended location

San Sebastián, Spain

travel and accommodation information will be
communicated upon booking, so you can make
your arrangements

Discover the art & science of power and status

to get more of what you want in all your relationships

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Kick off Friday 5 July: 18h00-19h30

Saturday 6 July: 10h00-18h00

Sunday 7 July: 09h00-15h00




In almost every interaction (1-to-1, meetings, formal discussions) there is an unspoken conversation going on. And it's about power and status. This need to establish and maintain our position is what we call the Invisible Power Game™. When there is a breakdown in relationships, it is less often due to conflicting goals, differences in perspective or even personality clashes. When there is a breakdown in communication, it is more often because there is an imbalance in the power relationship.

How we say what we say is currency that is used to negotiate the power in each relationship, whether we are talking with our partner, children or extended family.  The vast majority of conflict is a result of us getting consumed in this power struggle, believing that we are actually communicating about the issues.

In subtle ways, we telegraph who's got control and who hasn't. Some people take on the Predator role and give non-verbal cues to ensure that no one takes advantage of them, unfortunately leaving others wounded or annoyed. Others do the opposite. They get intimidated and give signals that they're the Prey and, as a result, often feel mistreated.

The payoff to using a predator approach is that you get what you want. The cost is damage to relationships, trust and loyalty. For those who choose a prey response, the intention is to maintain harmony. The cost is damage to how you are perceived and may trigger a predator reaction from others. Due to the high cost of predator and prey, neither is sustainable and can lead to failed relationships.


This program will help you understand high and low status behaviours imbedded in your communication style which may cause you, when under pressure, to come across as either the aggressive, conflict seeking Predator or intimidated, conflict avoiding Prey. It reveals, through research, highly interactive exercises and intensive, individualized coaching, a much more positive and powerful choice. This choice is the role of Partner, which equalizes the personal power within all interactions, leaving both parties feeling valued and respected. Once respect and trust are established within the relationship, the power conversation is eliminated, and co-operation replaces conflict. The result is a radical increase in satisfaction, trust, loyalty and joy in your daily life. Now that’s a win-win-win!

While this program is not a couples’ therapy course, it is highly beneficial and a brilliant investment for couples beginning their journey together, as well as those who have an established relationship, and even for those long-timers ready to invest in their personal growth and commitment to each other. As an individual both within and outside of your couple relationship, you will increase your assertiveness and personal power in high-pressure situations even when interactive in a second language. Your effectiveness in face-to-face, virtual and group interactions will be taken to the next level. Through theory and a lot of action learning, you will discover what it takes to look, act and sound calm and confidence while projecting instant credibility. You will spend considerable time receiving intensive, laser-like coaching and feedback, practicing skills in 4 individual videotaped exercises, and effectively manage yourself while experiencing simulations of high stress situations. You will walk away with the awareness, motivation and skills to consciously make the choice to step into ‘Partner’ in all your interactions. 

Programs has been delivered to multinational organisations and individuals in the U.S., Europe, India, Singapore, China, Mexico and Brazil in French and English, with tremendous results for the past 20 years.


After successfully completing the training you will be able to:

  • More consciously step into the partner mindset and respond positively to challenges, conflict, or aggression

  • Successfully conduct crucial conversations while staying cool under pressure e.g. delivering bad news whether it’s to a toddler or teenager, delicate or difficult subjects, when expecting an unfriendly or conflictual response etc.

  • Establish yourself as both approachable and assertive with greater gravitas in under 30 seconds

  • Understand multiple real-world reasons for, and benefits of, a partnership-based approach in all relationships

  • Take personal responsibility for building / repairing partnerships in all areas your life

  • Joyfully accomplish your to do list

  • Leave with concrete actions and next steps to fully integrate new skills and keep them sustainable in your daily life


Details of Investment

Core Program

Partner Your Partner (5-7 July 19) plus 2 x 90 min virtual coaching sessions per pair

Rate: CHF 1,795 per individual (approx €1,600 / £1,410). If you come as a couple or sign up with a friend, you can benefit from the special fee of CHF 2,495 (approx €2,220 / £1,960)
Payment options bank transfer: no additional fee, credit card: fee 2.9%

In addition, you will receive 2 x 90 min virtual coaching sessions per pair with your partner or a coaching buddy from the course, several months after the program where you will review your skills and reinforce integration.   

Includes: Customisation, 4 indivdualised video coaching sessions and footage of each participant, course delivery, manual, e-book copy of The Ego Tango for each participant. You will also be required to attend a 1 hour small group follow up virtual session several weeks after the program, where you will review your skills to reinforce integration. You will also be required to attend 2 x 90 min virtual coaching sessions (per couple) several months after the program where you will review your skills and reinforce integration.

Further Information

Once your booking is confirmed, we will send your welcome pack, which includes preparatory material as well as accommodation suggestions in order for you to make your travel arrangements.

Due to the intensity of the material and program pace, participation in all sessions is required to complete the program. Only exception: if a participant has an urgent issue that needs to be rapidly addressed. If a participant misses a significant portion of day one, attending the rest of the program is not possible.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation 4 weeks prior to delivery date:

50% program fees plus non-refundable expenses incurred will be invoiced. 
Cancellation 2 weeks prior to delivery date:

75% program fees plus non-refundable expenses incurred will be invoiced. 
Cancellation 1 week prior to delivery date:

100% program fees plus non-refundable expenses incurred will be invoiced.


Trainer & Company Information

Amy Carroll is a Swiss / American certified coach, trainer, speaker and author. She specialises in leadership, communication and effectiveness for multinational clients with global objectives. She leads training through her own company, Carroll Communication Coaching (CCC) and in conjunction with TNM Coaching and RCKomm Communication. Amy is licensed from Pat Kirkland Leadership Inc., an international consulting firm, to lead the Predator, Prey or Partner™ programs.*

Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and brings with her over 30 years of experience, 14 of those years were spent working in psychiatric, managed care and educational facilities before becoming a certified coach and trainer. Her understanding of the human psyche is extensive. She started her own business in 2000 and now delivers programs for multinationals worldwide. She holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from International Coach Federation and has completed the coaching curriculum of CoachU, the foremost coaching institution in the world. Additionally, she is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming). Amy coaches clients to become more dynamic, honest and effective partners, developing their ability to influence others by creating powerful partnerships. She does this with the help of the improvisational theatre philosophy, “Make your partner look good!”

Amy’s clients include: Alcon, Amgen, A.P. Moller-Maersk, Baltic Management Institute, Baxter, Baxalta, Cisco Systems, Dow, Dupont, Eaton, Edwards School of Business, Ernst & Young, European Stability Mechanism, Ferring, HEC Lausanne, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Merck Serono, Medtronic, Microsoft, Medicines For Malaria, Nestlé, Nespresso, Novartis, Parker, P&G, Saatchi & Saatchi, Shire, Swiss Post, UBS, United Nations, Varian and World Economic Forum.

Amy’s book: The Ego Tango, is a portable coach, illustrating the 7 Partner mindset techniques though entertaining and educational real life stories, to help people get more of what they want, more often with less hassle!


* The Predator Prey or Partner™ model is licensed content created by Pat Kirkland of Pat Kirkland Leadership Inc. Founded in 1990, PKL ( is a company with a purpose, the "soul" purpose of creating a world that works together better.  Its business mission is to offer practical, powerful communication programs teaching people how to transform their work relationships by changing how they communicate.


Client Testimonials

“Amy, your session with me was one of the singularly most important events in my professional empowerment and development. In that one session, you changed my way of understanding negotiation and power dynamics. (As someone who is herself an internationally experienced lawyer and negotiator, I think this means something.) I have benefited tremendously from your coaching, your words and ways of wisdom. Your work is ground breaking and awesome!”

Karen Wong, NGO Director


“Your insights and tools on the subject of creating positive influence in relationships were greatly appreciated. The participants were especially pleased. Most of us have already made positive changes in our interactions with others, based on what we learned from you!”

Lou Blanco, IT Manager, Procter & Gamble


“That day you changed lives.”

Simon Tanner, Director of Hotel Operations, UniWorld

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