So what if, like many of us, you’re working remotely?

With online work replacing days in the office, it may be more challenging to sense co-workers’ or clients’ moods, emotions and reactions right now. For this reason we need to tap into our emotional intelligence and reflect before responding in order to stay Partner with colleagues and clients. This includes those mini-people in your home who may bust past the barricade you so cleverly built, interrupting that important phone call!

Remember this guy? Can any of you relate to his predicament, now that we’ve been working from home for a while? My favourite part is his Ninja wife who slides in and saves the day!

Children interrupt BBC News interview

Whether it’s email, text or instant message, electronic communication (EC) has become the new norm across aspects of our daily lives. Traditional communication (you remember when we used to actually sit in the same room as each other and make eye contact) is already a challenge to do effectively under pressure and send the intended message.

As for video conferencing, it’s a blessing and a curse. There are pros and cons to having and not having video. The benefit of communicating in real time with video is that we have our body language and voice to communicate our message. The risk is that if we’re not able to control our body language and voice (eg. sarcastic tone, rolling eyes, interrupting the other, this this can make the situation worse). 

Interrupting effectively is a definitely a skill to develop. Feel free to check out a short video tutorial I created which you’ll find on the Coaching section of my video page.

Ok back to communicating remotely. If you feel yourself heading towards a conflict with someone and may risk:

  1. Going Predator and damaging the relationship, or 
  2. Going Prey and triggering a Predator reaction from them

Instead consider suggesting a pause to reflect on the topic. This may feel weird to do. Do it anyway. There is rarely a situation so urgent that it needs to be dealt with immediately.

If the issue must be addressed immediately, apply the following Partner practice: 

  • Speak slowly and calmly, no sarcasm or defensiveness
  • Use short sentences, this helps the person under stress to process language more easily
  • Let yourself be interrupted
  • Keep a soft smile 

If you’re not confident you will be able to stay Partner and you have the possibility to take a pause, consider communicating in written format. Think, reflect and rewrite until you have removed any hostile, sarcastic wording. Replace the word ‘but’ with ‘and’ or an appropriate alternative. Use short sentences. Respond promptly, not impulsively, to any replies.

Be clear and kind, ask questions when something is not obvious and check your ego at the door. This positive Partner approach will help you get what you need, even when tensions run high!

*This article is full brimming with tips to help you be a successful telecommuter.

Good luck and Happy Partnering!


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