Online Program

I travel the world coaching people on their communication styles.

What took me 15 years to master, I now teach people in a fraction of that time. The model Predator, Prey, Partner® was developed by my sister Pat Kirkland. Contact me for more information.

25 – 29 August 2021

Lindenbühl Seminar- und Ferienhaus Lindenbühl 2, 9043 Trogen Switzerland

Online Courses

Working virtually? Join Amy online for a Webinar or coaching session.

29 May - 5 June 2022

Bali, Indonesia
You will experience break-through ‘ah-ha’ moments that will supercharge your communication skills and enable you to master your leadership mojo! During Amy’s masterclass, she will help you navigate life’s challenges; you will up-level your competency in communication and connection during this 7-day overhaul.

14th September 2021

Online 19:00 – 20:00 CET
The webinar is free of charge and places are limited to 50 participants! It will be taking place on 14th September 2021 for 1 hour. This is an audio webinar only so feel free to join the call in your pyjamas!

To be confirmed due to Covid. Programs are now available online.

None until further notice
Discover the hidden game of power and status and how to command gravitas in all interactions. Small Group Intensive: The Art & Science of Leadership Presence: 2 Day.

Impro Space Camp 2021

25 – 29 August 2021 // Lindenbühl, Switzerland

Join Amy Carroll & Matthias Anderegg on a course that allows you to come with as little or as much improvisation experience as you have. What matters is an open mind and desire to dive in to something new and unknown.