I recently came across this video and it got me thinking how much power we all have in our daily lives to positively impact others, create an engaging atmosphere and produce extraordinary results.

It has to do with where we put our focus.

If you’re a person who’s committed to developing a growth mindset which may appear as being open, curious, committed to learning, versus a fixed mindset, which may appear as being closed, defensive, committed to being right. With a growth mindset approach to life, this video will reinforce the payoff in all areas of your life!

On the flipside, if you’re someone who wants to access greater joy, ease, abundance of ideas and all the benefits they provide, here are my recommendations:
1. First watch the video – then watch it again! (Don’t worry it’s short!)

2. Now determine how much of the time you’re already above the line

3. Identify the circumstances that allow you to be above the line (for example, when you’re well-rested, recently fed, feeling confident and resilient, surrounded by positive people etc…)

4. Send the video to a trusted friend or colleague, who will gladly challenge you to shift and stay above the line under pressure!

5. Request a complimentary e-copy of my book The Ego Tango at: [email protected] (this will offer you Partner strategies, which will support you to stay above the line)

6. Whenever you find yourself above the line, be sure to celebrate!

So what do you need to do to maintain that location?When you dip below the line (because we all will from time to time), follow these steps:
1. Notice as quickly as possible.
2. Offer yourself emergency empathy (watch this 3 minute video: Building Resilience through Empathy)
3. Apply winning Partner strategies to shift your energy (read this: Empower a Shift to Joy!)

And finally, if the line feels wobbly, consider this as a daily mantra: ‘Partner Power pays off!

Happy Partnering!