Book Review

Boundary Boss

by Terri Cole

This book will literally change your life, should you choose to accept the challenge!

Terri Cole introduces the idea that our personal boundaries are directly impacted by our childhood experiences and offers us something called the “Boundary blueprint.”

She says we may be following ancient blueprints from decades or centuries ago, passed on from former generations, directly impacting how people treat us in our personal and professional lives today.

You’ll discover 3 types of boundaries: rigid, porous, healthy (flexible and balanced), and 5 boundary categories, enabling you to determine which boundaries may need resetting!

This book is full of easily applicable methods and models to have healthier, more satisfying relationships and be a more authentic you!

The Ego Tango
What it’s about?

This is a collection of real-life stories I tell in my workshops as a communication coach.

Each story demonstrates either an external behavior or an internal mindset to help people become more effective and productive in their personal and professional relationships.

My hope is that you’ll be able to appreciate their humour and humanity while extracting the gems, applying them to your everyday interactions experiencing fewer hassles, and have more satisfying relationships.

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